About IQCS India

IQCS india is one of the fastest growing multinational certification body consisting of highly experienced professionals, helping organizations achieve excellence and world class competitiveness through the application of standaloneor integrated national and international standards

IQCS India is accredited by european accreditation body. Which helps organization to get global recognition for their products/services.)

Today the organization has matured into a sound and viable business, expanding our geographical areas of operation IS INDIA.We have achieved this by having a very stable and experienced tseam, who continue to seek and develop new products and new markets. Aditi International has a brief history, but stable structure, and consistent progress.

An independent, reliable and professional inspection, testing and calibration facility has been established to cater the growing needs of the manufacturing and service industry. IQCS - Technologies will undertake certification of the product as per CE Marking and IQCS will provide support and arrange to test the product by accredited notified body in conformance with CE directives.

IQCS Understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its managment system cartification activities, manages conflict of interest and ensure the objectivity of its management system certification activities. IQCS has also carried out business risk analysis and is implemented within IQCS(I)

Our Mission

Understanding and finding solution to your strategic challenges through a tailored approach and effective evaluation is the cornerstones of IQCS India. By focusing on the relationship between your business goals and operational process, Risk based certification, helps you to mitigate risk, increase your ability to meet objectives, and enhanced stakeholders trust in your company.

IQCS India takes a true partnership approach to certification. You Provide inputs on which operational processes are most crucial to your business success.

Our Vision

Is to be recognized globally as partner of choice for third party accredited certification and audit services in entire sector including manufacturing, process, services, in infrastructure personnel and product certification.