Questionaire Form

Other Information

1) To which standards are you seeking certification/registration? (tick wherever applicable)

2) Preferred accreditation of certificate

3) If more than one of the above standards is selected, is your organization looking for

4) Please give details of any approvals granted by other certifying authorities/bodies.

5) Please give details of industrial associations/Business affiliations, of which your organization is a member.

6) Do you have any relationship with IQCS Management/ IQCS employee/ IQCS Auditors/ IQCS Technical Experts/ IQCS Associates/ IQCS Committee Member/ IQCS Staff? The relationship could be of any form, viz., (i). Finances (ii). Commercial (iii) Common Ownership (iv). Familiarity with any Individual belonging to IQCS (v). Familiarity with any contracted person of IQCS (vi). Past Association with any member of IQCS as employee/ Employer/Co-Worker/ Associate/ Team Member. ?

Yes No

7) If the organization is part of a group, please specify the parent organization.

8) If organization has multiple facilities, do you want ?

9) If single certificate covering all facilities is required, please confirm whether management system is centrally administered as a Corporate entity?

Yes No

10) Description of products and services for which registration/certification is sought. (Scope of registration/certification)

11) Information about facility (for each facility, facility-wise)

  First facility Second facility Third facility
Number of employees
Area/size of facility
Number of departments
Number of shifts

12) Brief description of key processes (facility-wise; please attach extra sheets if required)

13) Primary technology(e.g. manual assembly, software, chemical etc.)

14) Statutory/regulatory requirements applicable to the product/service? (Please give details of any legislation, which relates to any of the products or services offered by your organization)

15) If ISO 14001 certification/registration is sought, list the significant environmental aspects and associated impacts. (use extra sheets if required)

16) If OHSAS 18001 certification/registration is sought, list the occupational health and safety hazards. (use extra sheets if required)

17) If ISO 22000 certification/registration is sought, please furnish the following details:(use extra sheets if required)

  • Product characteristics
  • Intended use
  • Flow diagram/s
  • Process steps
  • Control measures

18) If ISO 13485 certification (Unaccredited) is sought, list the Details of the Equipment manufactured along with risk analysis and public liability insurance details if any .

19) What is your approximate schedule for assessment for certification/registration?

I hereby certify that the information furnished above and enclosed as extra sheets is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I fully understand the failure to provide above necessary and true information could delay processing of my application for certification/registration.